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Clean your bike frame thoroughly with soap and water first. Dry your frame. Use isopropyl alcohol solution or an isopropyl alcohol wipe to remove all contaminants. Cleaning your bike frame in the lower linkage region thoroughly is a crucial step in the Dirtskirt™ installation process.

Yes you can. We have provided three different installation methods you can choose from here EVO INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

Current shipping timeframes vary between 7-21 business days depending on your country.

The Dirtskirt™ is designed to prevent any debris/rocks from entering the lower linkage frame area which can damage or destroy your valuable carbon bike frame.

No, it's NOT a generic fit product as full suspension frames & linkage design differ vastly between bike brands so in development we realized it had to be custom tailored design to fit various frame models.
The current Dirtskirt SKU will fit 2019-23 Specialized Stumpjumper Carbon ST, LT & 2019-23 Stumpjumper EVO carbon models. If you own a bike which suffers from stones getting trapped in lower linkage please msge us and we'll review the customer demand for your bike.

Yes we ship globally direct from our global warehouse in Hong Kong. Shipping timeframes and costs will vary depending on which country you live in.

Simply watch our step by step INSTALLATION VIDEO to ensure correct fitment of your Dirtskirt™.

To remove the Dirtskirt™ gently life the edges of adhesive pads and carefully peel the Dirtksirt™ off your frame. You can also use a hairdyer to heat up and activate the adhesive which will soften the material then peel up the edges which will peel off more easily.

Yes, you can. If your frame is already installed with smooth frame protection film you can install Dirtskirt™ over the top of the film protection. Just be sure to clean your frame with isopropyl alcohol before installing.

No. We use the highest quality 3M adhesives known to mankind; water and bike specific cleaning products won't shrink, discolour or damage your Dirtskirt™.
The Dirtskirt™ has been designed so you can lift up the back of the skirt to clean any debris trapped beneath.

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Frame Compatability / Dirtskirt™

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